Divi - Battle the Ancient Gods is a browser-based, free-to-play cardgame. No download is required to play. Easy to learn, hard to master., Divi - Battle the Ancient Gods! A free-to-play cardgame. Play on your mobile phone, tablet and pc. No download is required to play. Easy to learn, hard to master, fun to play.

DiviDEV is a Free-to-play cardgame.

Short, fast paced battles against friends & bots.

You can play anywhere, no download is required to play.

Currently in Private Beta, click here to get invited.

About DiviDEV

Divi is an upcoming free-to-play online collectible card video game developed by Van Jaap. It is currently in the private beta, but is accessible to players. Divi builds upon ancient mythologies, various religions and modern folklore by using the characters, events and locations of these stories.


The game is a turn-based card game between two opponents, using constructed decks of 40 cards along with a selected avatar with a unique ability. The avatar ability can be either activatable or a passive effect. Players use their devotion to cast spells, use relics and summon units to attack the opponent, with the goal of reducing the opponent's devotion to zero, emptying their deck or increase their own devotion to 500. Winning matches and completing trophies earns experience and in-game currency called tokens, which can be exchanged for new cards.

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From the ancient world deities battle for dominance...

Many gods exist and they all crave the power of prayers from the mortals. Divine beings are in war and they do not care about the consequences of their actions, as long as they are worshiped they will do anything to make sure they are the rulers of this world and the worlds beyond.

Chaos erupts and causes time and space to bend.

Events, creatures and deities that would never meet now battle each other. Humankind must choose which god will rule them all. You have the ability to influence this battle.

Do you dare take the reigns, control the gods and win?

Then let the battle begin!


Gameplay preview:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DiviDEV?
DiviDEV is a digital online card game (TCG/CCG). In DiviDEV, you combine cards from a huge variety of spells, units and relics into a deck and you play against other players' decks in strategic duels. There are tons of possible decks you can build, each with its own strategy. New cards get released regularly, so the game never gets old.
Why should I subscribe for Private Beta?
If you want to support the developer and get a ton of glitchy, weird moments ingame. You'll also get to see DiviDEV evolve and shape into the final game.
How much does DiviDEV cost to play?
Nothing! You can play the game for free, earning cards and currency to purchase decks and booster packs as you play. If you like the game, you can buy cosmetic items to support development.
Why did you make DiviDEV free to play?
Because in this way, each of you – the players – can decide how much money you would like to spend while playing. We also wanted to let every card game fan enjoy the game, and making it free was the way to do it.
Can I stay competitive and get every card by just playing?
Yes, you can. We've made sure that the game is fun and you can stay competitive without making a single purchase – if you feel like it, you can play without spending a dime.
How long is a game of DiviDEV?
The average battle lasts between 5 and 15 minutes, so you'll always be able to find some time for a game.
What kind of lore can I expect?
Cards have flavor text and classic art to emerge yourself in the old Greek and Nordic mythologies. The library will have a complete story how these mythologies come together.
What factions are there? Is there a story behind the gameplay?
DiviDEV's has some unique and powerful factions warring constantly for their distinctive causes. Do you dare take the reigns, control the gods and win? Then let the battle begin!
What's the difference with Magic Online & Heartstone?
  • Play on any browser everywhere
  • Free to play with other humans
  • Easy to learn, hard to master, fun to play.
What are the minimum specs to run the game?
A modern browser and modern web-capable device will suffice.
Is it coming to app-stores?
We are not announcing any dedicated app-plans at this time.
How is the DiviDEV project funded?
The project is self-funded by the team. Creating a card game was our dream for a long time and we wanted to have the freedom to make it exactly as we had imagined. We're dedicated to making it a reality, and we can say that we are quite pleased with the results so far!
Who is making this game?
DiviDEV is a hobby project made by a two-man operation with friends:
Van Jaap

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